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Make it a 360° adventure.
Come on in.

NextGen Reality   
Resonate up to what is next.  


The visuals you create in your head and the words you vocalise with yourself and others so determine your reality. Refine them lovingly and impact the 360° around you.

°visvoc the world into being so. 

With your  holistic 1-to-1  facilitator
for wellbeing from within to all around.
Miriam Peschke
Fine-Resonance Coach


with this fine intention

Your upbeat heart comes with a shift from fear to love. 

Image by Fallon Michael
A new fine resonance.
Coming through
from love.
resonates back to you your finest visuals & vocals from
loving intentional terrain

Warm up... 20 minutes about evolution & you.

°visvocso is a technique that uniquely combines the latest science of matter with our deepest reality-shaping wisdom in a most practical, effective & user-friendly way. It includes a decade's findings with visual, mental and systemic practice for holistic wellbeing.

Through a delightful quantum leap (yes!) experience °visvocso lets you generate your singular next-level potential for instant embellishment of what happens around you. Neuroscience & modern physics have just come to confirm its effect on your reality-creation.

You typically do your first °visvocso after an unpleasant situation that, if you think it through in this lighter, lucid way, suddenly brings back other situations that all lead you to a singular pattern, and when ready to consider them as resonance, given that you are the "constant" inherent in these variations of one theme.

°visvocso is a hyper-rapid transformational practice getting you the words & images that translate to your greatest impact: your authenticity! While discomfort and negatively perceived resonance will disclose an intention to protect from fear or lack, your new visvocs will launch your deepest intention of love.


The visvocs-seed of yours, now planted on the terrain of love grows to a fine resonance and on a collective level, helps the world grow from the love of power (fear-based) to the power of love. The 360° around your heart will help "the global heart awaken" (A. Judith)


With your °visvocso, the world, yours and the big one, will resonate finer, too! °visvocso is a gift for life since you obtain the technique to as comfortably apply it for yourself as for others and uplift any given phenomenon to its best-potential alternative as of now.

As a professional systemic coach & leadership master trainer (ECA/CAS) and telepathic & energetic inter-species systems practicioner I guarantee confidentiality. As a fine-resonance facilitator, I stand for facilitation in its finest, purest form: whatever comes my way for transformation will be fully intrinsic, fully yours. As unique as you are.

What a difference°visvocso makes.

Image by Valiant Made

NextGen Feelings
Resonate up to the next occasion.

Summer - time for for peace within.

can become your personal peace initiative, just as you love the world
into being

Green Gradient
Obtainingmy first °visvocso experience here:
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You are just evolutionary!

Will be back in touch on your preferred date!

°RÉCRÉATION for Integral

Miriam Peschke

Rue Abram-Louis Breguet 8

CH-2000 Neuchâtel

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